Your Complete Marketing System to Generate Listings

Are You Looking for More Listings? We’ve got a system that…

  • is Cost Effective
  • has a proven ROI (Nationally ~ 750%)
  • is built to save you time
  • doesn’t require a long term contract.

What do you get with this System to Generate Listings?

  • A website branded specifically for you, your business and your brand
  • A marketing campaign designed, setup and managed by us, for you
  • A study flow of leads that are EXCLUSIVE TO YOU
  • Proprietary Software that reverse checks address only leads
  • A manual on HOW to follow up with these leads written and designed by other Realtors using this system for almost a decade

What Does it Cost?

  • There are two basic fees. One for our services and one for your ad spend.
  • Our fees are just $100/month for the website, PPC setup & management, Software to reverse check address only leads, and follow-up manual
  • Additionally, you’ll decide on the amount you want to spend monthly for advertising. We recommend a minimum of $500, but have accommodated less and the sky is the limit…more advertising dollars = more leads. ***It’s important to note that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR you advocate to your ad spend is spent there, with Google. We do not siphon any of those dollars. You will be billed directly by Google.
  • Find more detailed pricing here, on our pricing page.

How Does it Work?

  • YOU Decide on a monthly budget
  • WE collect some information from you to set up your branded, personalized website
  • YOU Decide the specific area you want to target with this campaign
  • WE set up a Google PPC campaign to drive traffic to your website
  • YOU receive leads via email, text, and to your CRM.
  • WE generate AS MANY LEADS AS POSSIBLE with your advertising budget
  • YOU follow-up accordingly with clear instruction from our manual or in your own way

There are lots of systems like this. Why use this one?

  • We’re a small, relationship driven firm. We know EVER SINGLE CLIENT by first name. When you call with questions or help, we’ll know who you are and what services you have with us.
  • It’s RIDICULOUSLY inexpensive to try and there’s not a long term contract. You’ll know after the first month if this is right for you.
  • You OWN IT. The domain, the website, and all of the leads are EXCLUSIVELY YOURS.
  • The FOLLOW-UP MANUAL we provide is our secret sauce. It was CREATED BY REALTORS who have been working this system for almost a decade. It’s LITERALLY a recipe for success that YOUR PEERS are already using.
  • CUSTOMIZATION…from your messaging to your color/logo/branding to the actual calculations being done, YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE IT ALL

Here’s An Example & Some Typical Results…

Joe Realtor is in a metropolitan area looking for more listings. He decides he’s got $600 to spend on seller lead generation. Joe signs up with DBMGrow and provides the necessary information. His website and ad campaign are setup in approximately 2-3 business days and his campaign is launched. Joe pays $100 to DBMGrow (that’s us) and Google bills him for the money spent in his ad campaign. DBMGrow bills Joe $100 each month and Google ALSO bills Joe, at their discretion, after his PPC account has accrued X number of clicks (typically billing when your account accrues $500 worth of clicks). While each market is different and real estate is mildly seasonal, Joe should reasonably expect approximately 125-150 leads from his $500 ad spend. From those leads and proper follow up, our typical client should expect to close about one deal per month. However, some do better and some not as well…Joe’s diligence in following the program will ultimately determine his success. But here’s the beauty of Joe’s new system…even if Joe SUCKS at his job of following up with leads, he’ll still likely to see a positive ROI from closing just one deal every 6 months…and that’s why our current clients have been using this system for nearly a decade!!!   YEP….A DECADE!!!

***Important to note, your ad spend budget, the market you are working in, and seasonality all affect monthly lead counts. Please speak with a DBMGrow rep for more detailed information.